ACCM 2008: Improving Conversion from SEM Traffic

Another great search marketing session at ACCM 2008 was “Conversion is your secret weapon,” given by Wine Enthusiast’s VP of marketing Glenn Edelman and The Rimm-Kaufman Group’s Larry Becker. The first part of the session concentrated on in-depth ways of determining advertising ROI and effectiveness. The general advice that Web marketers get on this subject […]

“Monetizing Your Site” Powerpoint

Here’s the Powerpoint from my “Monetizing Your Website” session at the Search Engine Room conference last week in Sydney. It’s mainly about how to improve your monetization (as a publisher, not an advertiser) of the Google ads (and other contextual ads) that display from Google AdSense, but some is also relevant to YPN (Yahoo Publisher […]

Make the most of your ‘Thank You’ pages

The confirmation/thank you that you get when you first sign up for an email newsletter, a webinar, a special offer, or what have you, is a really important first impression. If you send a confirmation email, that email sets the tone for your email relationship and, if it is personality-free and dry and offers no […]

Ecommerce Best Practices, Tip #13: Incorporating customer feedback

I’ve already shared some of the benefits of incorporating discussion forums into your ecommerce site. Now let’s delve deeper into the concept of user-generated product review content. Intuitively it makes sense that your customers would convert better if they could read credible product ratings and reviews from your other customers before buying. Indeed, studies back […]

Multivariate testing platforms and SEO compatibility

A client recently asked me if there were any SEO concerns around websites managing their content via automated content “enhancement” or “testing” systems such as Touch Clarity, Optimost, Vertster or Offermatica. I am not aware of any issues with search engines misconstruing this as spam. I had a short conversation with the CEO of Offermatica when […]