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Wacky Viral Marketing

With the glut of online marketers and the holiday season gearing up, many businesses are having a hard time getting your attention. Enter the world of the weird, the wacky, and the downright crazy to make you go “Hmmm…”

Have you seen the “Mentos Intern”? You can order lunch, chat, watch a live feed while he works, schedule his work day, rate his efforts, and much, much more. The campaign is hilarious, and effective. The “Mentos Intern” grabs our attention simply because we can all relate to his predicament. Who hasn’t been a lackey, working for ‘The Man’ at some point in their life? The campaign also includes the best of the best for social media marketing; Trevor is accessible through Myspace, Facebook, Blogs, and gaming! He’s your friend, he’s your buddy…he’s the “Mentos Intern.” The best part about this site is, that it’s gone viral all across the web, and the “Mentos” name is tagging right along. What better way to promote your company (and your brand) than to take advantage of the net?

Mentos Intern

Here’s another one that has been sweeping across the web. Sling Media is a company that designs and markets technology to control (and access) your basic cable from anywhere. Their home page features an interactive salesperson with a catch. Sling Media knows that salespeople are annoying–and exploits them. Their home page has an interactive Flash-based site that gives you the opportunity to be as mean as you could possibly be to “The Sling Man.”

SlingMedia Interactive Options

While you may not know what SlingMedia does, this viral campaign drives traffic to their site because it piques your curiosity and is pretty darn funny. This is a good example of how wacky viral marketing can get attention to an unknown brand; beneath the “Sling Man” are some brand-and-product links that will help you understand what their flagship product, the Slingbox, is all about.

What kinds of wacky viral marketing campaigns have you seen on the web? Does it work for you?

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  • Ekalavya says:

    A mentos viral campaign which did pretty well back here in India was the mentoshelpline.com

  • Rita says:

    Hi, do any of you bloggers know anything about the viral widget called BlogRush. Apparantly it was just launched 8 hours ago.

    I found it here in the top of the right column at this Ning site.

    It’s supposed to give you reciprical traffic based on reading the content of your page like Adsense does (but it doesn’t pay anything, just gives free traffic).

    It says you actually get like 10x or more traffic back, due to some exponential growth aspect of it. (multi tier affiliate based on who signs under you?)

    Does this kind of thing really work? I wouldn’t say no to free traffic.

  • ThomasK says:

    Viral marketing is a powerful tool, but a large number of viral campaigns fall apart in the initial steps. I read a good article “A Case Study of a Viral Post“. One of the most important things is to get your viral campaing noticed on big sites/media in order for it to spread efficiently in ‘influential ripples’.

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