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The death of the pop-up

Seems like just about every toolbar out there includes a popup blocker (e.g. Google Toolbar, Yahoo Companion Toolbar). Plus, many web browsers are offering this capability built in. In addition, there’s antivirus / personal firewall security software like Norton Internet Security that blocks pop-ups (heck, Norton is so overly zealous, it strips out referrers so web marketers can’t tell where their traffic came from!).

Furthermore, don’t count on content within a pop-up getting indexed in the search engines. That’s because pop-ups rely on JavaScript — a roadblock to search engine spiders.

The short of it is, my advice is this: stop using pop-ups.

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  • hi stephan,

    it depends on the strategy whether or not to stop using popups. exit pops typically have high conversion rates. the same for pops within a site to suggest something. at that point even if the user has a popup blocker it is likely they’d allow popups from a ‘trusted’ site.

  • Hi Stephan,

    Your blog is great. Ditto on the death of the pop-up. Reminds me of the frame debate years back. Don’t step in your own scatterings…


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