How to Make The Most Out of Your Speaking Gig

You’ve landed the dream gig  (or maybe the gig before the dream gig), and you’re excited to add another boost to your speaking career. To you, success would mean an end with some conversions, some great new contacts, and maybe another speaking gig. But how do you make sure that you aren’t squandering those opportunities? […]


10 Useless Motivation Myths

Motivation is often the bridge of the gap between you completing a task or deciding to put it off. However, some motivation hacks aren’t as useful in the context of finding long-term efficacy in task completion. Here’s some advice being circulated on the web that could be harming your goal more than helping it: A […]


5 Ways to Get Stuff Done by Leveraging Others

My entrepreneur friends and I know what it is like to be so lost in a project that you realize you need help. You simply need to ask a favor of a colleague; however, it  is a concept that is sometimes hard for people to grasp. Harvard Business Review published a great article titled 5 […]

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Microdata and Schema.org for all your Google rich snippet needs

I recently shared my insights about Google rich snippets, Schema.org, and microdata at SMX Advanced on the panel session “From Microdata & Schema To Rich Snippets: Markup For The Advanced SEO”, along with Marcus Tober, founder of Searchmetrics, and Julia Gause, Director of SEM at Scripps Network. The session was all about structured data markup, […]

How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years

I bought the Mac equivalent of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, called Dragon Dictate for Mac. This is the first post I’ve created using an automatic transcription tool. Actually, I’m using my iPhone to create this one. Hopefully this will make things easier to post regularly and not so much of a chore… I’ve used transcription services on […]