Yahoo! buys Flickr. Damn that was a smart purchase!

Jan 8, 2006   //   by Stephan Spencer   //   Blogging, Content, Search Engines  //  1 Comment

No secret that I think Flickr is hot stuff (just refer back to my recent posts about Flickr here and here). It’s definitely Web 2.0 material. Flickr investors like Esther Dyson must be pretty happy right now, but Yahoo! stockholders should be even happier. John Battelle says his sources estimate the deal to be worth around $15-$17 million, while Om Malik says his sources figure $35 million. Either way, that’s one hell of a deal for Yahoo!, particularly when you consider that Ask Jeeves also just got bought — for over $1 billion! Jeremy Zawodny at Yahoo! has some interesting things to say about the Flickr acquisition.

1 Comment

  • With such refreshing privacy statement like this, Flickr has to be good! Nice job Yahoo!
    “Our hatred for spam is difficult to articulate. We promise unreservedly never to share your email address with anyone without your explicit permission”.

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