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VIDEO: Teen AdSense Entrepreneur

Yes, teenagers can make passive income from Internet marketing. Here’s living proof:

Isn’t she amazing?!? :) Yes I’m a little biased, since she is my offspring. But still, you have to admit it’s impressive when a kid can start an online business and make it onto the speaking circuit by the age of 16, and have such composure in front of the camera.

I remember when I was a teenager trying out Junior Achievement, going to a couple of meetings, and thinking how incredibly lame it was. The meetings were more like Arts & Crafts class than anything resembling real entrepreneurship and business. I wish I had had the opportunities that Chloe had when I was her age.

Our school systems still don’t adequately prepare kids to be entrepreneurs and business people, as Chloe notes in one of her Huffington Post articles. But for those kids who are motivated, they can find the opportunities elsewhere.

My advice for those doting parents of a budding entrepreneur is to first read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s not all that well-written, but it has some really important concepts, ones that I instilled in my kids. Such as:

  • Don’t work for a living, have money work for you
  • Build assets that make money for you while you sleep
  • Assets put money in your pocket month after month, liabilities take money out of your pocket month after month (thus a house you own and live in is a liability and NOT an asset)

And for those teens wondering where to start, first step is to pick something you’re passionate about. If it’s only about the money, it won’t be fun and you’ll lose your motivation when the going gets tough. For Chloe it was Neopets, but now she’s an “adult” (as she reminds me all the time) and not that into it anymore, so she’s delegating posting to a ghostwriter she found on oDesk. With her attention turning to film and to becoming a documentary director, my advice to her is to start a site or blog on that topic, perhaps more specifically on homegrown documentary videos by amateur filmmakers.

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  • Steve says:

    Hey – you were right.Your daughter did a great job in the interview and with the Huffington Post articles… although I couldn’t believe some of the dumbass comments people posted on HP.

    My daughter is about the same age but isn’t taking to blogging quite as well, unfortunately. However she has a celebrity blog that does v. well in the rankings, and she got to have a brief private meet & greet with that celeb just last year – so that was a pretty good pay off. :)

    Best of luck to you and Chloe!

  • Ryan says:

    You couldn’t be more true with this. Marketing really is something for all ages. Starting out in your teens, this will only give you some great foundations to start a career on, or something more. I am still fairly new in comparison to a lot of people to SEO and Publisher Marketing, however, if I would have learned what I did when I was 16, I wouldn’t have worked a single job in my entire life, and I would more than likely own my own house by now.

    I think it is very impressive that you have allowed your daughter to get a start at such a young age, props to you my friend! I wish her a ton of luck!

  • Everett says:

    She’s lucky to have a father who supports her and knows enough about this to help her get started too.

    If Chloe gets into film she might actually be doing “internet stuff” as a de facto part of her job. It seems as though TV/Internet convergence is finally here after so many years of future-talk.

    Congratulations on raising such an outstanding daughter Stephan.

  • Ryan says:

    If only I had that kind of support when I was younger. Developing skills such as this at a young age is highly commendable, and for allowing your daughter to do this at a young age, this is highly commendable.

  • I must say those earning figures are quite impressive for a teenager! But then again it’s no surprise when she has a father like you helping her along and giving her support 😀

  • Julio says:

    with all due respect, your daughter is cute. Specially when she was talking about how the ads have to blend in with your content and they have to be “above the…. before you scroll” I was like: above the fold cutie, above the fold. But she was great, you did a great job with her. I have great parents who support me as you did with your daughter. Now I have my own business as well. Well done, you got a new visitor to your site. With love from Peru. Julio

  • Nick says:

    Great job she speaks very well.

    I have 3 boys that I hope will inherit my entrepreneur gene.

    She should come out with an info product on how to do this and sell it to high school students.

    I think she would do very well with a video product since she speaks so well.


  • Shawn Smith says:

    I appreciate your daughter’s work. But the credit completely goes to you without your she wouldn’t have made it. Your girl is lucky to have a supportive father.

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