Roomba Rider

Jan 24, 2009   //   by Stephan Spencer   //   General  //  3 Comments

Ending the week with such a deadly serious post (after all I was talking about your mortality), I thought I’d better lighten the mood a bit. Enjoy…

Roomba robot vacuum? Check.
Cat? Check.
Roomba-riding cat? Doh! I want one of them! (watch the vid)

Maybe I can teach Hazel to ride my Roomba. I’ll have to get a new battery for it first. In fact, I’d probably need a pile of replacement batteries. Roomba would go through batteries pretty quick with Hazel atop it!


  • Wow, how cute!!! I thought cats always afraid of vacuums but this video changed my mind…

  • Really funny. Actually has tendency to learn new things, not as much like in dogs but due to being aware to home, cats do such things.

  • Hehe, that’s great. I so need to get one. Our cat’s 10 yo but still acts like a kitten so he’d have a ball with that.

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