Reading this book could save your life

The China Study coverThe China Study has to be the most important book I’ve ever read. (Yes, even more than Getting Things Done, and many of you long-time readers know I’m a HUGE fan of that book!)

I appreciate good science, especially good biochemistry (after all, I do have a Masters in Biochemistry), and The China Study has it in spades. The book explains in very accessible terms the impact of what we eat on our health and longevity. It’s not opinion, it’s pure unadulterated science. The book is thoroughly referenced and backed up by sound, peer-reviewed research. In fact it chronicles the largest nutritional scientific research study ever conducted.

If you want to live well and not die prematurely, you MUST read this book.

I can’t believe the crap I’ve been shoving into my body (and I’m even a vegetarian!) — blissfully ignorant of the true and far-reaching impact. Heck, I might as well have been smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day!

Reading this book, along with watching the documentary King Corn (which I ordered from Netflix and watched a few weeks ago with two of my 3 kids – the eldest refused to watch it, grrr), really woke me up. As much as I love cheese, crackers, “juice” (which is actually just sugar water, or worse, HFCS-filled water — as in high fructose corn syrup) and other fast and filling highly-processed food, no more of it! I’m going to undergo a nutritional overhaul, and hopefully I’ll get an extra 20 to 40 years out of the effort!

BTW, did you know that just one soda a day DOUBLES your risk of Type II Diabetes (compared to just one soda a month)? Egads! Believe me, you don’t want diabetes (my mother has it and it is debilitating). Makes me think twice about the fringe “benefit” of providing all our Netconcepts staff that frig full of free drinks — most of it sodas.

Change your life. Read this book. </end preaching>