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Multi touch displays – oooh I want one!

By February 1, 2007 Usability 2 Comments

I am a diehard Mac fan, so you can bet that I watched Steve Jobs’ keynote from start to finish (Well, except for the part at the end where John Mayer came out on stage and sang. That didn’t do much for me.)

Wow, that iPhone was pretty darned cool. I can’t wait to get one. But there’s something else I want even more. Read on and I’ll tell you about it…

In his keynote, Steve talked about a revolutionary new technology in the iPhone called the multi-touch display. It allows you to stretch and shrink photos with your thumb and forefinger, flip through album covers with a swish of your finger, etc. Well, that wasn’t the first time I had heard of this technology. There was an amazing video circulating around on YouTube last year where New York University researcher Jeff Han showed off the latest in multitouch displays. It could really revolutionize the way that we interface with our computer. I SOOO want one! Here is the video, have a look:

After you have watched that, you may also enjoy watching a video on Jeff’s website which shows off some more cool demonstrations.

Have you ever seen a computer user interface more intuitive?! I wonder how long it will take before we each have one of these on our desk…

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  • Dave says:

    I hate people touching my screen with their greasy fingers. Just imagine how bad the screen is going to look after you’ve used this kind of interface. A couple of days of use and you won’t be able to see through it.

  • Jeremy Luebke says:

    I believe it will get to the point where we are not actually touching a screen and instead touching a hologramn (aka thin air).

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