Merchants, police your trademarks!

Jeff Molander of Molander & Associates has given me a scoop on their new service that they are about to roll out — Jeff has been kind enough to send me a sample report so that I can actually see what a merchant can get from using their service, and it looks really good.’s reporting provides a mechanism for merchants to police their wayward affiliates who are using their trademarks in inappropriate ways — in search listings, in adware and in spyware.

The search engines they monitor include Google (both Google US and Google UK), AOL, Yahoo! and Ask.

They do daytime and weekend monitoring and monitoring of geo-targeted ads as well.

In their reports, they make recommendations for who to send compliance request notifications, termination notifications and “cease and desist” letters, depending on how serious the discovered violation is.

It looks like a great service and I am looking forward to its official launch, which should be happening soon.