Screencasts by subscription?

Some of the gurus out there are offering paid subscriptions to screencasts, podcasts and other educational materials. For example, Eric Ward recently launched a subscription-based service, The Ward Report — promising how-to podcasts, video training modules and other resources on link building, all at an annual subscription rate of $149. Debbie Mayo-Smith, in a similar vein, offers an annual subscription price of $395 for 3-minute-long weekly screencasts with productivity tips along with other educational resources.

I know I have been promising a regular schedule of 5 to 10 minute long screencasts and I have yet to deliver on that promise. (Sorry about that, folks!) I’ve been wondering if I would offer screencasts/podcasts by paid subscription like Eric and Debbie?

If I had a paid subsriber base like Eric and Debbie, I would force myself to get off my duff and produce at least weekly screencasts. So I wanted to throw this idea out to you Dear Readers and find out what your interest level is in a paid subscription service to podcasts and screencasts, in effect audio and video training on SEO, and perhaps other topics like email marketing and business blogging?

Or should I offer screencasts/podcasts occasionally for free as I can fit them in? After all, there’s already plenty screencast/podcast material floating around the Web for free, like the excellent content at, so why would people pay.

Your thoughts on the direction in which I should I go would be helpful. Thanks!