Crass Marketing Campaigns: Do They Work?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. i truly want to know! Do crass, “low brow” marketing campaigns like this real piece of… umm… work 😉 from Domainz (the official -and at one time, only – domain registry for New Zealand and their .nz domain space) actually bring in respectable response rates despite unrespectable theme, copy, or […]

Catch this video of the Teen Entrepreneurs Panel at Ypulse

I shot the following video of teen entrepreneurs Chloe Spencer of the Ultimate Neopets Cheats Site (my daughter!), Juliette Brindak of Miss O & Friends, Jared Kim of WeGame and Angela McBride, a.k.a. Asuka Martin in Teen Second Life presenting on the “Totally Wired Superstars” panel (moderated by Ypulse founder Anastasia Goodstein) at the Ypulse […]

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – Steve Spangler Interviewed

You gotta check out this WebProNews video interview at ACCM 08 of Steve Spangler – the science teacher turned catalog company CEO/Emmy award winner/keynote speaker/toy inventor: In the video, Steve talks about how his Mentos + Diet Coke experiment turned into a YouTube sensation and how he was able to leverage it for his own […]

Live Blogging ACCM: Increasing Web Sales on a Shoe String Budget

I’m here at ACCM in the session “Increasing Web Sales on a Shoe String Budget”. Here’s the session description: As the cost of doing business online continues to increase, small businesses must be strategic and creative in how they expend limited funds and resources. This session will discuss ways to maximize your conversion and average […]

What’s the Big Idea?

I was speaking with a friend recently who was sharing with me a web site idea. Quite honestly the idea wasn’t the greatest or maybe I just wasn’t that interested. Regardless, I have the same problem nearly every time someone tries to get me excited about their whizzbang new idea – they don’t know how […]

Company names don’t always translate well to domain names

Be careful when converting your company name / brand name into an (available) domain name; it can have embarrassing repercussions. I was reminded of this fact recently when seeing an email in my inbox that was sent to multiple recipients, including myself. One of the recipients was someone at This domain name may appear […]

Wacky Viral Marketing

With the glut of online marketers and the holiday season gearing up, many businesses are having a hard time getting your attention. Enter the world of the weird, the wacky, and the downright crazy to make you go “Hmmm…” Have you seen the “Mentos Intern”? You can order lunch, chat, watch a live feed while […]

Understand MySpace Before Marketing in MySpace

With tens of millions of users (but probably not the purported 100 million though), is a force to be reckoned with. Especially when you consider that MySpace apparently drives more traffic to online retailers than MSN Search, according to some recent Hitwise data. But MySpace is hard for us adults to get our heads […]

Partnering up has its advantages

Have you considered incorporating content partners and marketing partners into your online strategy? For example, partnering with content providers who could augment your own content with additional related content? Or partering with sites whose visitors match your target market?  If, for example, you wanted to reach women online, you could partner with a site like […]

President Carter is a-bloggin’

Guess where the idea came from for President Jimmy Carter, nobel laureate, to start a blog? Yep, it was from yours truly. The goal was to generate media attention and garner links to the Carter Center’s website. And it worked like a charm. His recent trip to West Africa, chronicled in a blog format, is […]