Macaroni and Spam

With two natural listings in the top 10 on the Google SERPs for “dating” it’s hard to argue with’s SEO tactics. It works well for them – a flashy front page with a novel of text below the fold. Since this has worked so well for and has been talked about on several […]

Web 2.0 Isn’t Friendly to the Search Engines

Two of the most popular Web 2.0 interactive elements, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and Flash, might be great for customers and a fresh experience on many sites, but they are inherently unfriendly to the major search engine spiders. In my article on Search Engine Land entitled, “The Search Engine Unfriendliness Of Web 2.0” I […]

Video Tutorial:

Sometimes, I get the chance to update my website critiques through video presentations. Last February, I had devoted some time to Over a year and a half later, I was able to revisit their site through a video tutorial. You will need Flash Player 9 or above to view the video, hosted on Practical […]

Web Developer Extension Works for SEO

By using a few toolbars, widgets, or other add-ons, you can enhance your understanding of a website’s SEO health. The Web Developer Extension from Chris Pederick is a great tool that can help Web developers, designers, and SEO enthusiasts. In my article entitled, “A don’t-leave-home-without SEO tool,” I talk about some of the ways this […]

Printer-Friendly vs. Search Engine-Friendly

We’ve all experienced frustration trying to print out an important web page or form. Some web designers have felt our pain, creating duplicate pages that are “print-friendly.” Unfortunately, these duplicates aren’t great for SEO, as the search engines get confused trying to determine which version of your content to serve up to searchers in their […]

Get Closer to the Search Engine Spiders

One of the things I covered in my CNet: Searchlight blog, was the tools for how website owners, webmasters/mistresses, and other professionals can get a little closer to the search engine spiders. Along with providing more detailed information and answering more and more questions publicly, the greatest advancement they (the Search Engines) have made has […]

How Funny 404 Error Pages Work for You

I’m sure we’ve all experienced coming across a “404 error page” while surfing on the web. Have you run into one that was pretty unusual? Take a peek at the Homestar 404 Error Page for example, from a website that features a character called “Homestar Runner.” In this article, which you can read on my […]

Good Progressive Enhancement is Great for SEO

Progressive enhancement, a “sister” to graceful degradation, is often talked about in web design circles right along with other technical topics like JavaScript, Flash, Ajax, and basic applications of CSS. While it may not be easy to understand what these technical functions are, not using them results in poor visibility. Blank pages, that both search […]

What to do about copyright infringement of your website?

They say that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” But not if you’re a site owner! I’ve seen designs copied, content copied, even entire sites copied. It’s so easy for someone to “view source” and take whatever they like, without regard to copyright. You can locate copyright infringers pretty easily with Copyscape if they’ve […]

Taking full advantage of CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) offers many more benefits beyond that of streamlined web pages with table-less layouts and precise positioning (no more transparent 1-pixel spacer GIFs!), mentioned in my previous post. Indeed, that’s just scratching the surface of CSS. Here are some more clever things you can do with CSS to get your website really […]