Get Closer to the Search Engine Spiders

One of the things I covered in my CNet: Searchlight blog, was the tools for how website owners, webmasters/mistresses, and other professionals can get a little closer to the search engine spiders. Along with providing more detailed information and answering more and more questions publicly, the greatest advancement they (the Search Engines) have made has […]

Hitwise biased, but in which direction?

Hitwise is a competitive intelligence service that gives you insight into where your competitors get their traffic from and which keywords drive the bulk of their traffic from search engines, among other things. It comes at a price of course — to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. I noticed that in a […]

Top 10 nastiest web analytics problems – EXCLUSIVE Emetrics Summit podcast

Here’s something special just for you, dear readers — a “Scatterings” exclusive, courtesy of web analytics guru/author/speaker/WAA co-founder Jim Sterne… Jim has kindly made available a 35-minute podcast titled the “Top Ten Nastiest Web Analytics Problems,” recorded at the Emetrics Summit Santa Barbara, 2004. The session was a one-hour discussion followed by a half-hour recount […]

What Google’s acquisition of Urchin means for marketers

The Washington Post and others covered Google’s recent acquisition of web analytics software company Urchin, but I really haven’t seen much from the media (or from the bloggers, for that matter — with the exception of Traffick, which makes some excellent points, particularly point #4) on what this means for marketers (and certainly for Urchin […]

The Problem with Embedding Tracking Codes in your URLs

The problem with embedding a tracking code into URLs to track referrals from particular marketing campaigns or from particular partners is that inevitably those URLs end up in other places, such as in the search engines. Thus your referral numbers become overinflated. Case in point: Google’s “Inside AdSense” Blog. A couple days ago I searched […]

Competitive analysis critical to SEO success

Understanding your competitors — their strategy, their tactics, their level of success, etc. — is crucial to the success of your SEO initiatives. I’m not just talking about your traditional competitors, I’m referring to the other sites occupying spots in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for keywords that you are targeting. Many free competitive […]

Fascinating problem with email clicktracking

I thought this was pretty cool: allows you to get your shopping offers through RSS. What this means is that personalized email campaigns get posted to realsimpleshopping and then untold numbers of people will start opening and clicking on that email, like this one for example. I wonder if Cabela’s and other online […]