The Intersection of Social Media and SEO

I just got off the panel on The Future of Search at Search Engine Strategies San Jose. There was a bit of discussion about social media and whether SEO will still be relevant if users are spending their online time inside of social networks like Facebook and YouTube. The consensus from the panel was that […]

Hiring a Link Builder

As a blogger I can’t tell you how many spammy link requests from “link builders” that I get on an ongoing basis. It’s just way too many. You certainly don’t want to hire the kind of link building firm that sends out such spam link requests using cheap third-world labor. It’s these same sorts of […]

Monitoring Social Media for Breaking News, Events

Hello from the Web 2.0 Expo in NYC. Yesterday I presented “Best Kept Secrets to SEO Success”, where I shared some of lesser known tricks, tools, and techniques. One of the sessions I attended after mine was finished was “Monitoring Social Media for Fresh, Contemporary and Reliable Sources” presented by Andrew Baron, founder of the […]

Catch this video of the Teen Entrepreneurs Panel at Ypulse

I shot the following video of teen entrepreneurs Chloe Spencer of the Ultimate Neopets Cheats Site (my daughter!), Juliette Brindak of Miss O & Friends, Jared Kim of WeGame and Angela McBride, a.k.a. Asuka Martin in Teen Second Life presenting on the “Totally Wired Superstars” panel (moderated by Ypulse founder Anastasia Goodstein) at the Ypulse […]

Monitor the Back Channel

It’s hard enough presenting in front of an audience of a dozens or hundreds of your peers, let alone to be paying attention to what’s happening on Twitter at the same time. But that’s exactly what a good presenter or good moderator needs to do these days. Particularly if you’re presenting to a tech-savvy audience. […]

Why Zappos is into Twitter – CEO Tony Hsieh speaks

I had the pleasure of interviewing via email Tony Hsieh, the CEO of online shoe retailer, for an article I wrote for the August issue of Multichannel Merchant. Zappos is a real innovator among online retailers in a lot of areas, not the least of which is social media. They have taken Twitter by […]

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – Steve Spangler Interviewed

You gotta check out this WebProNews video interview at ACCM 08 of Steve Spangler – the science teacher turned catalog company CEO/Emmy award winner/keynote speaker/toy inventor: In the video, Steve talks about how his Mentos + Diet Coke experiment turned into a YouTube sensation and how he was able to leverage it for his own […]