Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – Steve Spangler Interviewed

You gotta check out this WebProNews video interview at ACCM 08 of Steve Spangler – the science teacher turned catalog company CEO/Emmy award winner/keynote speaker/toy inventor: In the video, Steve talks about how his Mentos + Diet Coke experiment turned into a YouTube sensation and how he was able to leverage it for his own […]

An audio interview with podcasting pioneer Doug Kaye

Doug Kaye, founder of IT Conversations, is one of the true pioneers in the area of podcasting. His IT Conversations site offers a large array of podcasts from many of the top-most thought leaders in information technology. Listen in on Doug and I discuss podcasting — its history, potential applications, challenges, and best successes to […]

What are Your “Must Attend” Conferences?

Now that I’m back full-time in the US, it’s not such a chore to get to conferences. I can even attend conferences that I’m not speaking at, which is something I seldom (if ever) did in the 8 years I lived in New Zealand. Yet it can be an excellent opportunity to connect with really […]

Screencasts by subscription?

Some of the gurus out there are offering paid subscriptions to screencasts, podcasts and other educational materials. For example, Eric Ward recently launched a subscription-based service, The Ward Report — promising how-to podcasts, video training modules and other resources on link building, all at an annual subscription rate of $149. Debbie Mayo-Smith, in a similar […]

Sponsorship deal signals more than drive-by for Lexus

Automotive company Lexus (more accurately, Southern California Lexus Dealers) has signed a 26-week deal to sponsor podcasts at public radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, California. The deal is based on CPM (cost per thousand) which means Lexus will be paying for the actual number of downloads the podcast will get. The company’s links and […]

What happened when etailers dove into blogs, podcasts, and RSS

I’m finally getting a chance to blog my panel session which took place last week in Las Vegas at the conference. The session was titled “Alternative Marketing: What Happened When Etailers Dove into Blogs, Podcasting, and RSS” Moderator: (yours truly!) Panelists: Seth Greenberg, CEO, eHobbies Pinny Gniwisch, Founder & EVP Marketing, Steve Spangler, […]

Podcast listener adoption predictions

Forrester Research makes some exciting predictions about future uptake of podcasting by media consumers: “Podcasting, which is the newest entrant into the digital audio mix, will see significant growth by 2010 – reaching 12.3 million households – as MP3 adoption climbs and broadband reaches 62 percent of households.” If you want to learn more about […]

Business blogging best practices: when and how often to post

The podcast I mentioned in my last post about recommendations on blog posting frequency has arrived! It is the inaugural podcast of the Business Blog Roundtable. It will be a weekly podcasted roundtable discussion with 5 business bloggers, covering various business blogging best practices. Download the MP3 file (12 megs). Tris Hussey has already blogged […]

Podcasting and SEO: How to SEO your podcasts

There has been plenty of discussion in the blogosphere about blogs and search engine optimization (SEO). Google in particular seems to love blogs. Blogs are rich in content, heavily linked, with links that tend to be contextual, and without much in the way of code bloat or gratuitous flash animation. In short, blogs are search […]

Lifelong learning

I just got an email from one of my (Netconcepts’) first clients (circa 1995) that he’s now completed his MBA, doing it while still working full-time as a marketing exec. It takes a lot of courage to get an MBA after being in the workforce for several decades. Way to go, Greg! Lifelong learning is […]