Ferrit, RIP

New Zealand comparison shopping engine Ferrit is no more. They blew through an incredible amount of money, had their day in the sun, and now they are gone. I’m sad about that. Not because they were a past client of Netconcepts (back when they had money). But because they were a comparison shopping engine that […]

The Christmas Gifts You Wished You Had Gotten

I love science, cool gadgets, new technologies, and lifelong learning. When it comes to being a consumer of high-tech wizardry, I’m an enthusiastic early adopter. If you are too, then hopefully you got some cool presents this holiday. If instead Santa left you a lump of coal or a knitted sweater, fear not: you can […]

Widget Best Practices

The following is from a handout I developed for my presentation on the use of widgets in online retail at the Shop.org Strategy & Innovation Forum earlier this year. It’s a checklist of widget best practices. Enjoy! (There’s also a Word doc version of this available for download: widget_checklist.doc.) Thinking of developing a widget for […]

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – Steve Spangler Interviewed

You gotta check out this WebProNews video interview at ACCM 08 of Steve Spangler – the science teacher turned catalog company CEO/Emmy award winner/keynote speaker/toy inventor: In the video, Steve talks about how his Mentos + Diet Coke experiment turned into a YouTube sensation and how he was able to leverage it for his own […]

Live Blogging ACCM: Increasing Web Sales on a Shoe String Budget

I’m here at ACCM in the session “Increasing Web Sales on a Shoe String Budget”. Here’s the session description: As the cost of doing business online continues to increase, small businesses must be strategic and creative in how they expend limited funds and resources. This session will discuss ways to maximize your conversion and average […]

Synopsis of key findings from the CyberSource study on online fraud

Some interesting findings in the CyberSource 2006 Online Fraud Report: Chargebacks accounted for less than half of fraud losses The rate of fraud associated with international orders is twice as high as the overall average Merchants reject international orders at a rate three times higher than the overall average An estimated $2.8 billion in online […]

Manage Your Reputation the Do-It-Yourself Way

Reputation monitoring and management have become hot topics and will only continue to grow. These are becoming important areas for all businesses, large and small, to focus on as more and more people turn to the Web to communicate through blogs, their own Web sites, as well as the ever-growing opportunities for online consumer reviews […]

Take your Business to the Local Search Level

One of the areas that I’m starting to see a rapid growth in, is local search. It’s important that business owners start taking advantage of this growth in popularity, so that they claim a stake in this soon-to-be competitive market. Believe it or not, there are a number of free tools where you can list […]