Real Social Media Friends

Social networking is all about being social and networking – duh 😉 The question is: How do you do this; what does that mean? It means being active in the community; it’s saying thanks to people who vote your stories up; it’s responding to comments on your blog; it’s posting comments on other folks’ blogs. […]

Company names don’t always translate well to domain names

Be careful when converting your company name / brand name into an (available) domain name; it can have embarrassing repercussions. I was reminded of this fact recently when seeing an email in my inbox that was sent to multiple recipients, including myself. One of the recipients was someone at This domain name may appear […]

Preserve PageRank with an Easy Fix

Big name companies often miss out on one of the basic concepts of SEO: Canonicalization, which means “identifying and consolidating to one, definitive source.” How are they missing out? Grab a handful of your favorite companies and see whether or not they have a and a that leads to the same page. You’d […]

Link building into “Blog Carnivals”

You may or may not have heard of a blog carnival. Blogging colleague Toby Bloomberg first introduced me to the concept and I must say, as a link building afficionado, my eyes lit up at the potential these traveling columns have for building links. A blog carnival is, in effect, a column on a particular topic that is passed […]

Aftermath of the Kryptonite Blogstorm

It’s been a rough ride for Kryptonite Locks. Last September a blogstorm erupted — due to their unresponsiveness after the discovery that an ordinary Bic pen could pick their bike locks — costing them an estimated $10 million. It all happened so quickly, as you can see below: (Source: Fortune, 2005) But 10 months later, […]

PR in the blogosphere

Public relations in the blogosphere seems to operate under a new set of rules than traditional PR. With traditional PR you hire a PR firm that has relationships with various journalists and media. With the new PR, you start your own blog (assuming of course you have something worthwhile to say) and you work to […]

Getting noticed in the blogosphere part 2

As a follow-on to yesterday’s post about getting your blog noticed by influentials, i.e. A-List bloggers, I thought I would describe a scenario just recently presented to me. I have been asked by analyst Shar VanBoskirk of Forrester Research if I would be willing to blog about their upcoming boot camp on integrated marketing on […]