Crass Marketing Campaigns: Do They Work?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. i truly want to know! Do crass, “low brow” marketing campaigns like this real piece of… umm… work 😉 from Domainz (the official -and at one time, only – domain registry for New Zealand and their .nz domain space) actually bring in respectable response rates despite unrespectable theme, copy, or […]

Whiz Kid Entrepreneur: Harrison Gevirtz

Earlier this year at SMX West, I met (then) 15-year-old entrepreneur Harrison Gevirtz. He was on a panel with my (then) 16-year-old daughter Chloe Spencer the owner of the Ultimate Neopets Cheats Site. Harrison blew my mind. Here’s a kid who travels the world, often times makes six figures a MONTH, and lives the high […]

Why Companies Should be Nice to Bloggers

We all know that blogging can be a powerful tool for many reasons, and here’s another one to add to the list. Blog posts that praise a company’s excellent customer service, or denounce them for being horrid, can rank so well in the SERPs it falls right beneath a company’s website. One story that comes […]

Partnering up has its advantages

Have you considered incorporating content partners and marketing partners into your online strategy? For example, partnering with content providers who could augment your own content with additional related content? Or partering with sites whose visitors match your target market?  If, for example, you wanted to reach women online, you could partner with a site like […]

How can old-media execs be this clueless?

This is comical: Yesterday, Shaw told MediaDailyNews that his network has been talking to cable operators about disabling the fast-forward button on their digital video recorders to prevent commercial skipping. Wait, wait … the kicker is that he doesn’t think this would be any big deal to the audience. “I’m not so sure that the […]

The death of the pop-up

Seems like just about every toolbar out there includes a popup blocker (e.g. Google Toolbar, Yahoo Companion Toolbar). Plus, many web browsers are offering this capability built in. In addition, there’s antivirus / personal firewall security software like Norton Internet Security that blocks pop-ups (heck, Norton is so overly zealous, it strips out referrers so […]

When advertisers hurt your brand

The other day when I was on I kept getting this tasteless banner ad: Not only did I find the ad irritating and gross, I thought less of the White Pages brand after I saw it. It is an animated GIF banner, where the piece of poo actually flies across the ad from left to […]

Microsites with “pass it on” appeal

Microsites can be really good at going “viral” if they are clever and have “pass it on” appeal. Subservient Chicken, Burger King’s microsite was such a site. It featured a person dressed up in a chicken suit wearing lingerie. You could give it commands by typing them into a box. Pretty weird. Not surprisingly, it became […]