Got Time?

As you dream up your New Year’s Resolutions for 2010, take a moment to think about where you spend your time. You define your life by where you decide to spend your time. Here are some stats that you may find interesting: 80% of employees do not want to go to work on Monday morning. […]

Who Is Stephan Spencer: Web Marketer

Hi, I’m Stephan Spencer. Here’s a little treatise on me. First off, I’m the President & CEO of Netconcepts, a natural search marketing firm with offices in Madison Wisconsin, Auckland New Zealand, and Beijing in China. In addition to SEO consulting, we have a search engine optimization (SEO) technology platform that helps online retailers optimize […]

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with David Allen

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing David Allen a little while back. David’s the author of the best-selling book Getting Things Done, and he’s the creator of the stress-free productivity methodology known as “GTD”. I’m a big fan of David’s, and of GTD. I’ve written a few articles on GTD and productivity: Clearing the […]

Roomba Rider

Ending the week with such a deadly serious post (after all I was talking about your mortality), I thought I’d better lighten the mood a bit. Enjoy… Roomba robot vacuum? Check. Cat? Check. Roomba-riding cat? Doh! I want one of them! (watch the vid) Maybe I can teach Hazel to ride my Roomba. I’ll have […]

Reading this book could save your life

The China Study has to be the most important book I’ve ever read. (Yes, even more than Getting Things Done, and many of you long-time readers know I’m a HUGE fan of that book!) I appreciate good science, especially good biochemistry (after all, I do have a Masters in Biochemistry), and The China Study has […]

Should You Follow Google’s New Recommendations on Dynamic URLs? Probably Not

You may have already seen my article on Search Engine Land “Making Sense of Google’s New Dynamic URL Recommendations“, but if you haven’t, I’ll recap some key points about Google’s new recommendations on dynamic URLs and URL rewriting and why I don’t advise you follow these recommendations. As much as I’d love to believe that […]

Now and Then – in photos

Ever see someone and think “Geez, that person looks totally different from how I remember him/her”? I just saw MC Hammer at the Ypulse conference last month and thought that. In fact, I didn’t even recognize him until he was introduced. Here’s a picture I snapped of him in the hallway after his session finished. […]

Kids are exasperating

Being a parent, sometimes the going gets rough. Particularly when you’re dealing with teenagers. Ya know what I’m talking about? Parenting experts don’t call it the White Water Rafting Years for nothing. Last week was one of those weeks from Hell. *sigh* Hopefully it isn’t anything that a little “tough love” won’t fix though. Of […]

Productivity Tips from the Master: This You Gotta Hear

Does this sound familiar?… No matter how well you plan your day, the day seems to get away from you and at the end of it you never seem to finish all of the tasks you anticipated finishing? This is the story of my life! It feels out of control. Thankfully there’s a way out […]