From FooCamp to Ypulse to BlogHer in 8 days

I went off the radar for a few weeks. Apologies for that. I have a lot going on in my life right now – not all of it good – that is taking up a lot of my time and headspace at the moment. Plus I’ve been traveling a lot. I just got back from […]

SEO Communities and the Echo Chamber Effect

Jill Whalen started a great conversation the other day on Sphinn titled “Have we run out of things to write about?” This same thought has gone through my head a few times as inspiration for great posts comes and goes. Every time I feel this way I remember one thing: I love everything SEO and […]

It’s the comments, stupid!

Ok, I admit it. I haven’t been walking my own talk. I say how important it is to comment on others’ blogs, that a blogger should spend as much time commenting on others’ blogs as posting on their own blog. You might have read my (hopefully compelling) case for this here or here. Yet, ashamedly, […]

Deriving Value from LinkedIn

I had been on LinkedIn for quite a while but I never gave it much thought or attention. I had never bothered filling out a meaningful profile for myself. And I had never sought to add any contacts to my network. This year I saw the light — I saw how valuable LinkedIn can be […]

Understand MySpace Before Marketing in MySpace

With tens of millions of users (but probably not the purported 100 million though), is a force to be reckoned with. Especially when you consider that MySpace apparently drives more traffic to online retailers than MSN Search, according to some recent Hitwise data. But MySpace is hard for us adults to get our heads […]

Ecommerce Best Practice Tip #8: Incorporate discussion forums into your ecommerce site

Discussion forums encourage customer participation, getting customers and prospects to stay longer which means more interaction with your brand. They drive repeat visits too. Some customers become “regulars” on your forums — which should, hopefully, lead to you being top-of-mind more often when they are in the market for products that you sell. In other […]

On Orkut, I feel like a voyeur

This weekend I finally got an invite to Orkut, the exclusive closed social network site developed and run by Google. I feel like a voyeur, inconspicuously ascertaining who’s friends with various mega millionaires like Sergey Brin and Steve Jurvetson. It’s rather surprising what some business people reveal in their profiles — stuff you certainly wouldn’t […]

Google Video vs. YouTube

I have to say I prefer YouTube over Google Video, although the audio tends to be out of sync with the video, it’s hard to locate the gems from all the crap, a lot of the comments are “if you liked that then check out this video” spams, and you can’t download the videos for […]

Sticky blogs work best

Stickiness is a primary goal for most websites. A site that is sticky gets people coming back again and again, and staying longer too. It is easier to build a relationship and engage your reader if your site is sticky. My blog’s reasonably sticky because the author is so good and has such insightful things […]