How to Make The Most Out of Your Speaking Gig

You’ve landed the dream gig  (or maybe the gig before the dream gig), and you’re excited to add another boost to your speaking career. To you, success would mean an end with some conversions, some great new contacts, and maybe another speaking gig. But how do you make sure that you aren’t squandering those opportunities? […]

YouTube and Video Optimization

From a social media marketing standpoint, YouTube isn’t an ideal social site because of the way it hoards PageRank (video pages can’t have external links on them, and external links are nofollowed everywhere anyways, including on your user page), so it can’t be leveraged to increase your site’s rankings in the same way that a […]

Manage Your Reputation Before It Gets Out of Control!

With school teachers, employers, and even people you meet randomly in the bar “Googling” you, online reputation management has never been more important. All it takes is a couple uploaded drunken pictures to your MySpace or Facebook to have them rank for your name (provided you aren’t John Smith) and ruin your reputation to everyone […]

Real Social Media Friends

Social networking is all about being social and networking – duh 😉 The question is: How do you do this; what does that mean? It means being active in the community; it’s saying thanks to people who vote your stories up; it’s responding to comments on your blog; it’s posting comments on other folks’ blogs. […]

Company names don’t always translate well to domain names

Be careful when converting your company name / brand name into an (available) domain name; it can have embarrassing repercussions. I was reminded of this fact recently when seeing an email in my inbox that was sent to multiple recipients, including myself. One of the recipients was someone at This domain name may appear […]

Manage Your Reputation the Do-It-Yourself Way

Reputation monitoring and management have become hot topics and will only continue to grow. These are becoming important areas for all businesses, large and small, to focus on as more and more people turn to the Web to communicate through blogs, their own Web sites, as well as the ever-growing opportunities for online consumer reviews […]

Swicki: A New Way to Look at Customizable Search for your Website

I’m sure you’re probably aware that you can get free search engines for your website through Google’s Custom Search Engine (CSE) and Yahoo’s Search Builder. Have you heard about an up-and-coming customizable search engine/portal dubbed “Eurekster?” Part search engine, part widget, a Swicki has enhanced features that you can customize creating a unique experience with […]

Why Companies Should be Nice to Bloggers

We all know that blogging can be a powerful tool for many reasons, and here’s another one to add to the list. Blog posts that praise a company’s excellent customer service, or denounce them for being horrid, can rank so well in the SERPs it falls right beneath a company’s website. One story that comes […]

Wacky Viral Marketing

With the glut of online marketers and the holiday season gearing up, many businesses are having a hard time getting your attention. Enter the world of the weird, the wacky, and the downright crazy to make you go “Hmmm…” Have you seen the “Mentos Intern”? You can order lunch, chat, watch a live feed while […]