How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years

I bought the Mac equivalent of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, called Dragon Dictate for Mac. This is the first post I’ve created using an automatic transcription tool. Actually, I’m using my iPhone to create this one. Hopefully this will make things easier to post regularly and not so much of a chore… I’ve used transcription services on […]

Creating a Buzz-worthy Blog Contest in 7 Easy Steps

One way to bait for links is a blog contest. If you do the contest right, even the most un-sexy of products (like stationery) can become sexy, creating a buzz that can drive a torrent of search traffic to your virtual doorstep. Consider for example the contest we (Netconcepts) dreamed up for the overnight printer […]

An Interesting Blog SEO Technique

Bummer that I missed PubCon this week but I have just been traveling way too much lately. Speaking of traveling, I was in Indianapolis last week visiting the offices of Compendium Blogware. I got a demo of their hosted blog platform — including a look under the hood — and it’s pretty slick. There were […]

My 30 minute WordPress SEO Training Video

If I had the time I’d prepare a professionally produced training video on search engine optimizing your WordPress blog/site, but I don’t, so instead I’ll just direct you to the video that John Pozadzides recorded of my 30 minute long presentation at WordCamp San Francisco from several months ago here, or simply watch the embedded […]

Our Web 2.0 corporate website

It is amazing what you can achieve in regards to SEO just by reaching into your Web 2.0 toolkit. A corporate brochure is about as Web 1.0 as you can get, yet even brochureware can be transformed in ways you may never have thought possible and boosting search visibility in the process. To prove that […]

Secrets of Successful CEO Bloggers

Being a CEO is a tough enough job without having to worry about blog traffic on top of it all (ask me how I know…) A corporate blog could be a tremendous publicity tool, though, if properly executed. On the other hand, it could end up being a PR disaster if you say something that […]

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – Steve Spangler Interviewed

You gotta check out this WebProNews video interview at ACCM 08 of Steve Spangler – the science teacher turned catalog company CEO/Emmy award winner/keynote speaker/toy inventor: In the video, Steve talks about how his Mentos + Diet Coke experiment turned into a YouTube sensation and how he was able to leverage it for his own […]