How to Restart a Blog When You’ve Been on Hiatus for Three Years

I bought the Mac equivalent of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, called Dragon Dictate for Mac. This is the first post I’ve created using an automatic transcription tool. Actually, I’m using my iPhone to create this one. Hopefully this will make things easier to post regularly and not so much of a chore…

I’ve used transcription services on occasion such as When I lived in New Zealand I even had an assistant who I dictated blog posts and articles too. She wrote everything down in shorthand and then typed it up later and took a first pass at editing it before sending it to me.

An incredible amount of stuff is happened since my last post announcing the acquisition of Netconcepts. It’s been an amazing ride. More on all that later – I promise.

So back to the original topic for this post – how do you restart a blog where you stopped posting for a very long time?

1. Jump in and write something. No apologies. Or a lengthy explanation or justification for being off the grid.

2. Get some tools or processes in place that will make it as painless as possible to post. Like Dragon – which incidentally is available as an iPhone/iPad app.

3. Hire a virtual assistant if that will help you. (More on using VA’s in a future post).

4. Roll out a site redesign at the same time to let everybody know you’re reengaged and committed.

5. Don’t try to get all your readers all caught up on your life all in one post. You’ve got plenty of fodder for many blog posts – so save it for later.

6. Finally, silence the perfectionist in you. I have this bad habit of pouring over my blog posts – my articles even more so – trying to make them perfect. I put a dozen hours or more into articles on search engine land. That’s crazy. That’s not good use of your time. Much better to freeze all those great ideas and insights stuck in your head – share them with the world. It’s okay if the sentence structure isn’t always on the mark. It’s a blog post for Pete’s sake.