Stephan Spencer SEOday Keynote 2018

Let's get everybody participating. Hi! You still are kind of sleepy. I'm going to wake you up. Let's stand up. You should have participated earlier. Here's what we will do. This is a little breathing exercise. I learned it from my wife, who learned it from non yoga.

It's just going to take a moment, but it's going to really energize you. I'm just going to explain it first, and then we'll do it. First, we're going to breathe in, and then we're going to breathe in some more, okay? And then a little bit more. And we're going to tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, okay?

And let it out. Ready? Here we go. Breathe in. A little bit more. A little bit more. Tap, tap, tap. Keep holding it, keep holding it—one more time. Breathe in. One more time, a little more. I can't believe I'm making you guys do all this. Alright, you can sit down. Who feels more energized after that? Isn't that good? I feel so awake now. I'm still in the U.S. time zone.

What we're going to do here is make this interactive. I'm going to make you guys participate as much as we just did. I have some promises. I'm going to deliver something that I think will radically change your business and how you operate. Whether you're on the agency side or the client side, I'm going to teach you the four critical elements for the perfect keyword strategy.

And as part of doing that, we're going to walk through those and I'm going to do some live demos. I know it's a little bit scary. I don't know, dicey to get up on stage and present needing a live internet connection and for all the tools to work, but we're going to make sure that delivers for you.

By the end of this session, you're going to get what you paid for from the entire conference, just from this session. That's my goal, that's my aim. This is a packed room. In fact, I need to take a selfie from the stage here. It's always good evidence that I actually was here. If you guys could all smile. Great. All right. Here we go. 1, 2, 3. Yeah! I did that early. Now I want an action shot, like doing something. Ah! Right? Here we go. 1, 2, 3. Yay! Thank you. That was good evidence. 

I want you to play Fallout. I want you to participate. And part of participating is retaining this information, having the intention to retain this information. And here's a secret, this will help you to retain this information. At least 90% of what you learn from this session, from any session. Typically it's at best maybe in the 30-35% range.

But what if you had the intention of teaching this content to others? Think of somebody who is either in your business or in your family who would really benefit from learning all these amazing keyword research techniques, tools, and tactics. Okay? Does everyone have somebody in mind? For example, I was teaching my oldest daughter how to do SEO at 14 years old. And she created her own online business, passive income by doing SEO and blogging. She had a passion for Neopets, the virtual pet site. Who's heard of Neopets? Anyone? It was very popular back in the day. Tens and tens of millions of users. And she was super passionate about it. And she turned that into cash by creating a blog and then doing SEO to that blog.

And she ranked on page one for NeoPets. Not a small feat. And then she got to speak at conferences, and then she got on the news, and newspapers, on TV, and so forth. Maybe there's somebody in your family that you'd like to inspire and empower with this kind of knowledge. Maybe it's a colleague, maybe it's a boss, maybe somebody who's a director for it.

Who's got somebody in mind? Excellent. That's 90 plus % just by having that intention, and we did this nice breathing exercise ahead of time. You guys are primed. Before we dive into the content, I'm going to tell you just a little brief thing about myself, but I wanted to find out about you guys.

Before who am I, how about who are you? Who's on the agency side? And who's on the client side? Who is a beginner at SEO? Who's very advanced at SEO? Nice. Welcome to the club. And who's intermediate? And who does not speak English? That would be a problem for this session.

I am an SEO expert. I've been doing SEO for some twenty years. I started NetConcepts Agency in 1995, sold it in 2010, and still primarily do consulting and SEO work.

But I also write books. I have three, and I'm working on two more. These are my books. Who's familiar with that one? The Art of SEO. This is a beast—the Bible of SEO. It's a thousand pages. Who wants this book? Who wants it enough to come and get it? Come and get it. It's for you. You're welcome.

If fortune favors the bold, if you're not willing to take the prize, then just keep sitting. Google Power Search, this one is all about how to find anything on Google. Confidential business plans for your competitors.

Forced to research reports that cost thousands of dollars normally. All sorts of stuff. I've even found files with credit card numbers and expiration dates. No, you won't find that in how this book, but all the other stuff you will. Who wants this one? Nobody? Okay. Seriously? Enough to come and get it? Come and get it.

This one has nothing to do with SEO. This is Google Power Search, this one's Social eCommerce, and this one's about social media and how to drive it. Sales through social networks, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn et cetera.

Does anyone want this one? You have to walk fast if you want it. All right, you're welcome. By the way, the cover of Google Power Search is different now because that's a brand new edition. Just hot off the presses. And there are some more copies. I brought them actually in my luggage. They're out there at the author's discount. It's quite a good deal and no shipping. I'll do a book signing after the panel at the very end.  

These are my podcasts. Who's into podcasts? Anyone? Yes. All right, some new subscribers. This one's Marketing Speak. It's not just SEO. It's also Facebook Advertising, Conversion Optimization, AdWords, and Analytics—all sorts of cool stuff. Great episodes and the whole show is fantastic, but I've had people like Jay Abraham, the godfather of marketing, on this show. I've had Dan Kennedy, who's like a godfather of direct mail and copywriting. So it's a fantastic little education on online marketing and SEO on this podcast

And then I have one more that I'll share with you that's worth knowing about, and that's the Get Yourself Optimized, which might sound like an SEO podcast, but it's not. This one is Get Yourself Optimized. It's a biohacking, life-hacking podcast. It's all about how to extend your life another 50 years. How to hack your biology. For example, I'm wearing this thing. This is an Oura Ring, which tracks my heart rate, and my sleep, it tells me how much deep sleep I'm getting, isn't that cool? If you're into biohacking, if you're into life transformation-type stuff, have Byron Katie on. It's just a fantastic show.

So those are little plugs on some cool things that you can learn from. Of course, I have created many keyword strategies over the years for hundreds of clients, including Chanel, Zappos, and Sony.

And I'm going to share some of those secrets with you so that you can apply these in your business. Wouldn't you like to have the same kind of secret formula that those big companies have? Here's what we're going to cover. The four key elements are the right and the wrong keywords, the types of searches that will get you the right kind of results and which ones won't, knowing your target market, and then finally, the actual keyword research tools and techniques that will get you the hard data that you're going to need.

What are the right and the wrong keywords? What are the right keywords? Those are the ones that are popular with searchers, and what they're getting. They're also relevant to your business and finally, they're attainable. You can achieve a page one ranking for those keywords, ideally, in the top few positions because even just being below the fold in the organic results is just death to clicks.

Those are the three key ingredients to the right keywords. But what are the wrong keywords? The wrong keywords, here's a great example, you'll see that home loans are just at essentially zero practically. Nobody's searching for home loans, everybody's searching for a mortgage. And yet, my previous client, Westpac Bank, a large bank in Australia and New Zealand would not use the word mortgage anywhere on their website.

They were prevented from using that keyword on their website, yes, by the legal department. Surprise. The legal department is also known as the business prevention department. They said, "No, we do not offer mortgages." That is a legal instrument. We offer home loans; therefore, you should use home loans on your website and not mortgages.

What? Yes, they pretty much destroy the ability of my client to do business online. So that's an example of the wrong keyword Here's another great example of the wrong keyword. It's from another past client, Kohl's Department Stores I don't know if you've heard of them. They're pretty big and they were targeting kitchen electrics.

This is not a good keyword. Nobody's searching for kitchen electrics. Has anyone used the word kitchen electrics?

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