We’ve Been Acquired!

Jan 12, 2010   //   by Stephan Spencer   //   Search Engines, Shameless Self-Promotion  //  14 Comments

I’m very pleased to announce that the company that I founded way back in 1995, Netconcepts, has been acquired by Covario Inc., the leader in search advertising software and services.

It’s exciting to think about what the future holds with the merged company. Netconcepts’ GravityStream technology combined with Covario’s Organic Search Insight promises an end-to-end SEO solution like never before seen. Together we’ll enable the SEO practitioner to scale SEO across large dynamic websites by automating aspects of keyword research, on-page analysis, link building, web content management, and more.

Our mantra at Netconcepts has for a long time been “data-driven decision-making”. Turns out that’s been Covario’s mantra too!

Another bonus… with the merger we also significantly increase our market reach. We’ve really established ourselves in the retail vertical, not as much in other verticals. Covario, on the other hand, services Fortune 500 global brand advertisers across a number of verticals — including media, high tech, consumer electronics, and CPG (consumer packaged goods). So now, those are all our verticals, and our clients, too!

Exciting times ahead!


  • Congrats!

  • Congrats and all the best to Netconcepts.
    Big fan.

    Mani Karthik

  • Congratulations, Stephan!!! And, good luck!

  • Congrats! Very Exciting News!

  • Congratulations…..sounds like you have made it to your next Tipping Point. Good going.


  • Congratulations. I really hope that the merger brings the benefits you are hoping for. Come back to this post every month or so to remind yourself of your goal!

  • Congrats Stephan, nice to hear that you’re making some really nice ground!

  • Congratulations, Stephan. Great news!

  • Congratulations to one of the most knowledgeable SEO experts in the industry.

    I wish you the best of success.

  • Congratulations, Stephan.

  • Congratulations, Stephan!!! And, good luck!

  • Congratulations to one of the most knowledgeable SEO experts in the industry.

  • Congratulations, Stephan. Great news!

  • Having trouble with your SEO Tag plug in. Have followed all your instructions but my blog page isn’t showing the SEO Tag I’ve entered. Any suggestions?

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