To All the PR People Clueless about How to Talk to Bloggers: Stop Pitching Me!

I’m so sick of hearing from PR “professionals” who don’t have a clue about how to pitch bloggers. It’s obvious they don’t even read my blog. This is spam, pure and simple. It’s just the next evolution of spam – the progeny of the “reciprocal link request.” I used to get those every day before I started blocking unknown senders (i.e. those not in my extensive “white list”) using SpamArrest challenge-response. Frustratingly, SpamArrest doesn’t keep the PR flaks away, because they respond to the SpamArrest challenge-response test, thus proving they are warm bodies.

Blogger-spamming PR flaks need to understand that bloggers will not respond positively to getting spammed with press releases. Indeed, bloggers love to out them on their blogs. (Any PR is good PR? I don’t think so!) So, in that same vein, for your reading pleasure, I include a real example that just arrived in my inbox today (congratulations, Stella Parkes, if that’s your real name).

The moral of the story, for those not in the PR industry: Don’t ever hire a PR firm that does “blogger relations” like this. Or if you already have a firm doing this on your behalf, fire them.

Dear Stephan
Ive been reading your site and as you write about email marketing I wanted to get in touch to see whether you are interested in receiving relevant news from Epsilon International, the UK arm of the US-based email marketing business?

We aim to send only newsworthy stories for consideration and hope that getting a heads up on research findings or changes to our business will be interesting. If at any time you want us to stop then send me an email and I will remove you from our press list.

Below is a news release about a new senior hire  Jon Maddison  who has joined Epsilon as its first client services director. If this is not relevant then please let me know. In the near future we have some research findings, which may be of interest.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Stella Parkes

For Epsilon International

Jon Maddison hired from Loyalty Management Group to boost senior team
www. epsilon. com/international

Epsilon International, the global arm of the worlds largest email marketing services business, has hired Jon Maddison as its first UK client services director.

[…rest of verbose and pointless press release omitted…]

Stella Parkes
Account manager
Renegade Media Ltd

PR for media and creative businesses

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