SEO Communities and the Echo Chamber Effect

Jill Whalen started a great conversation the other day on Sphinn titled “Have we run out of things to write about?” This same thought has gone through my head a few times as inspiration for great posts comes and goes. Every time I feel this way I remember one thing: I love everything SEO and could talk about it forever.

What happens in a community like Sphinn, or really any niche social networking group, writers and readers get hooked on a specific topic and then write everything about it. People write their opinions on other author’s stories or simply rewrite what someone else has written. Weeks can go by and only one topic has been the center of attention.

This is the nature of a social network – a group of like-minded people all talking about the same things. Naturally, when a topic is so interesting everyone wants to keep reading about it people will keep writing about it. They do this because they are actually interested in continuing and adding their thoughts to the conversation or, and I fear this is what perpetuates being stuck on a topic longer – when a topic is hot, writing about it will make their stories hot and send them traffic.