Screencast on how to optimize your blogs and RSS feeds

Oct 23, 2006   //   by Stephan Spencer   //   Blogging, RSS Marketing, Search Engines  //  2 Comments

Since at least a few people seem to want me to expand on my presentation from the recent Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, I have put a one-hour screencast together. In addition to covering all the slides in the Powerpoint deck, I also ran through an example of a corporate website that is powered by WordPress and that uses, in novel ways, a lot of the blog optimization techniques discussed in my presentation. The corporate site I am referring to is that of my company, Netconcepts.

Enjoy! And do let me know what you think of it.

Download or watch the video via streaming: Flash (10 MB) or WMV (22 MB) or Quicktime MPEG4 / iPod Video (59 MB)


  • haven’t finished it yet, but wanted to mention that i’m really enjoying it so far.

  • [...] Durch den Artikel “Blog und RSS Optimierung aus Sicht eines SEOs” im Basic Thinking Blog bin ich gestern auf ein gutes Video Tutorial gestoßen. Bei dem knapp 1 Stunden langen Video geht es, wie könnte es anders sein, um SEO für Blogs und RSS Feeds. Erstellt wurde das Teil von Stephan Spencer von der amerikanischen Company Netconcepts, der übrigens auch Redner auf der kürzlich stattgefundenen SES Conference in San Jose war. [...]

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