Screencast #2: the SEO-Links extension for Firefox

SEO-Links is one of my favorite Firefox extensions. I use it all the time to gauge how successful and how SEO-savvy a particular link advertiser is.

In this, my second screencast, in all of about 4 minutes, I show you how to install and use this handy plug-in (umm, I mean, extension). Once SEO-Links is successfully installed, I jump to the home page, which is selling links over in the right column mid-way down the page, and with simply hovering my cursor over one of the text link ads, I can see how many links the advertiser has garnered to that page and how highly ranked they are for the search phrase that was targeted by their anchor text. This gives me an indication as to how good that advertiser is at SEO. My assumption is that an SEO-savvy and successful text link advertiser will make better advertising decisions than a failing one. If a bunch of successful ones flock to a particular site selling text link ads, then I’d come to the conclusion that it’s probably a good site to advertise on (assuming other things check out like the advertisers aren’t using spam tactics).

This screencast is an intermediate level SEO tip.

Download the screencast as either a 2 megabyte WMV file or a 5 megabyte MPEG-4 file (iPod video compatible)