It’s the comments, stupid!

Ok, I admit it. I haven’t been walking my own talk. I say how important it is to comment on others’ blogs, that a blogger should spend as much time commenting on others’ blogs as posting on their own blog. You might have read my (hopefully compelling) case for this here or here. Yet, ashamedly, I have been terribly lax in commenting in the blogosphere. I’ve been, for the most part, a lurker. My excuse — “I’m busy enough as it is just trying to keep up with my blog” — isn’t going to wash any more. It’s about time I get out more.

As of the past few days, I’ve made a conscious effort to start chiming in. For example, I commented on the personal blog of a well-respected WordPress code contributor and plugin author. I commented on Google engineer Adam Lasnik’s blog to inform him of a typo in one of his links that was sending link juice to a domain squatter. Why bother you ask? Because it helps build relationships! Being successful in the blogosphere is as much about relationships as it is about content. Heck, being successful in LIFE is about relationships. For instance… what SEO in his/her right mind WOULDN’T want to nurture a great relationship with “Mini-Matt”?! (Mini-Matt is the nickname affectionately used by some SEOs to refer to Adam Lasnik. Matt being Matt Cutts.)

Another thing I’m going to do RIGHT NOW (as soon as I hit the “Publish” button on this post), is turn off moderation. Yep, that’s right. Call me crazy, but I’m going to risk having some comment spams (those that sneak past the excellent Akismet plugin) showing up temporarily (until I discover ’em and nuke ’em) on my blog. The reason being: I want this blog to give instant gratification to commenters. Having to wait a day for the blog author (me) to approve your comment is a let-down. It’s not conducive to an intensively participatory blog. I’m going to remove that barrier.

Care to comment? :-)