How etailers can make RSS work for them

May 25, 2006   //   by Stephan Spencer   //   Online Retail, RSS Marketing, Shameless Self-Promotion  //  1 Comment

Got a new article out in the November issue of Multichannel Merchant… RSS Made Simple. The article is specifically targeted to online retailers. So if you’re selling online and thinking of using RSS to help you sell more, this is the article to read!

Here’s a small excerpt…

Key benefits of RSS to online merchants:

  • Bypasses spam filters
  • Encourages links and garners PageRank score
  • Serves as a content delivery channel to your affiliates, giving them something they can republish on their own Websites
  • Easy for your subscribers to manage communications from you without clogging up their inboxes
  • Allows you to change content midstream (no need to push an “unsend buttonâ€? as with e-mail)
  • Is the only way your blog can be included in Google’s new Blog Search (
  • Increases the likelihood of media coverage because RSS is a hot topic retailers are slow to embrace.

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1 Comment

  • Hi Stephan

    Some other good examples have RSS feeds – you can personalize based on which hotels you are interested in (

    also check out

    The best services for the scenarios you spoke about are Nooked and FeedForAll – they are focussed on advertorial content within RSS.

    Feedburner/Pheedo are better for advertising in RSS…


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