Advanced Keyword Research Live Webinar


Advanced Keyword Research: Identify the Ideal Keywords for Your Website  

Stephan Spencer

Hosted by Stephan Spencer

We all know that content is king, but how do you create content that specifically meets the needs of your target audience? Google wants answers...but what are the questions?  

This webinar will teach you how to find the words and phrases people are searching for, how valuable each of those terms is, how to understand what your customer is "really" looking for, and how to strategize for success.

During This Advanced Webinar You Will Learn :

1. How to find the right keywords for your site and users, and just as importantly, how to avoid terms that are not relevant or not profitable for your business

2. How to understand your customers, uncover their needs and pain points, and create an effective strategy based not just on what they search for, but how they search.

  3. How to find big volume "money" keywords as well as lower-volume, high conversion "long tail" terms that searchers use in the later stages of the buying process

4. How to find lucrative opportunities that your competition may be missing, so you can "eat their lunch"!

5. Which tools are best for brainstorming, evaluating, and understanding the potential value (and competitiveness) of each keyword. 

6. How to use your keyword research to develop content and a site architecture tailored to the needs of your customers. 


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