“Stephan worked on SEO and eCommerce Strategy for House of Travel. Stephan has a real enthusiasm for the power of the internet to change businesses and his passion rubbed off on House of Travel. While working on House of Travel their online revenue increased dramatically.”

-Duncan Shand, Managing Director, Inside Out

“We have been utilizing Stephan’s expert SEO knowledge on a consulting basis for the last 8 months and have seen amazing results. Stephan is extremely knowledgeable in the search engine optimization and Internet marketing fields, and seems to have endless knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the Internet world, especially those related to Web 2.0 technologies”

-Bill Stalker,CTO, Eurekster Inc

“I’ve worked with Stephan and his Netconcepts firm for a number of years now, and found him to be highly knowledgeable, talented, and professional. Stephan knows search engine optimization, and internet marketing down to the ground. He’s also a great resource for internet promotion strategic advice, and he’s channeling the zeitgeist of Web 2.0 technologies like nobody else.”

-Chris Smith, Head of Technology & Development Dept. / SEO Expert, Verizon Information Services

“Stephan Spencer is the SEO master. Anyone who wants to know how SEO really works must read The Art of SEO. This is a true reference work.”

- John Chow, Super Blogger, JohnChow.com

“Stephan is one of our most valued subject matter experts in the area of search engine optimization. His articles are among the most highly regarded content on our site, and the virtual seminars he presents consistently receive high ratings from attendees. Most importantly for the marketing executives we serve, he has the rare gift of being able to offer insight on the intersection of marketing and technology.

Stephan Spencer continues to make a significant contribution to the growth of our business. He not only develops solutions to problems we recognize, but he also regularly identifies new business opportunities we have not yet discovered.”

- Roy Young, Director of Strategy and Development, MarketingProfs.com

“As a means of raising the profile of The Carter Center and driving traffic to our Web site, Stephan Spencer suggested that President Carter write a blog. We took that suggestion, developed a strategy around a trip to the West African countries of Togo, Ghana, and Mali, and posted regular blogs from President Carter (with photos, sidebars and news stories, and links to related materil on our site) over the course of eight days. Although he had written reports from the field on previous trips, this was his first experience with the blogging phenomenon and he was eager to participate.

The blogs, which we marketed via press releases, through partner organization Web sites, and via the Google AdWord program, garnered significant increases in visits to our site, resulting in an average quadruple our normal daily average. We have sustained a significant increase in Web traffic since February 2004, building on the momentum of the blog project, which we intend to repeat both with President Carter and others here at the Center.

We are grateful to Stephan for planting the seed for one of the most successful Web projects The Carter Center has undertaken to-date.”

- Connie Nelson, Communications Specialist, Office of Public Information, The Carter Center

“I attended a workshop by Stephan Spencer on website auditing at the Beauty Online conference. The workshop was comprehensive and illuminating. I was very impressed.

I invited Stephan to our offices in New York to critique the e-commerce shop-in-shop that I have been in charge of developing. The advice was very valuable and covered many things that we were not aware of or had not considered.

Stephan Spencer is very knowledgeable and an expert in the field. If you decide to meet with him, you will not be disappointed.”

- Gilles Kortzagadarian, Manager of E-commerce and Direct Marketing, Christian Dior Perfumes, Inc.

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