My 30 minute WordPress SEO Training Video

Oct 31, 2008   //   by Stephan Spencer   //   Blogging, Search Engines  //  5 Comments

If I had the time I’d prepare a professionally produced training video on search engine optimizing your WordPress blog/site, but I don’t, so instead I’ll just direct you to the video that John Pozadzides recorded of my 30 minute long presentation at WordCamp San Francisco from several months ago here, or simply watch the embedded video below:

Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.


  • Realy great SEO Training. can you add your powerpoint file this page ?

  • Stephen,

    great talk on optimising blogs. We are putting together a lot of WordPress blogs for our clients. I’ll send them a link to this!

  • I need help, suddenly my PR went 0 and google webmaster tool is showing 0 backlinks to my home page of, Suddenly it happened on one day, I need help!! in few important keywords I was in 1st page, but now I am not, like “Facebook Applications” etc… i am still on first page for “Facebook Application Developer” though. Any help will be great, I am so wondering as am losing sales.

  • I have seen many of wordpress videos…. this is a pretty good one.

  • Its great seo Video I have many things to learn here!

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