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Competitive analysis critical to SEO success

Understanding your competitors — their strategy, their tactics, their level of success, etc. — is crucial to the success of your SEO initiatives. I’m not just talking about your traditional competitors, I’m referring to the other sites occupying spots in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for keywords that you are targeting.

Many free competitive analysis tools are out there, but you have to know where to look for them. One of my favorite SEO blogs (Stuntdubl) offers a veritable Home Depot of such tools, at Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List.

It’s a bit like walking into a DIY store and being faced with an overwhelming array of options. What is the right tool for the job?

Here’s a sampling of some of the SEO tools that I use for competitive analysis and what I specifically use them for:

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    Yet again an invaluable post containing the sort of useful information that the “get-rich-quick” guys claim to be able to offer – but with substance and a fautless (I am assuming!) reputation and history.

    As a newbie internet marketer (my old stomping ground was direct mail) your posts help me to find and then understand the right resources to ensure that not only am I doing the right things to make sure our bathroom website launches successfully but that I am learning the reasons why they are the right things to do!

    Your posts serve as a constant invaluable resource for someone like me and this last post I felt deserved some acknoweldgement!

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