Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (or Is It the Other Way Around?)

Last night I went to a free screening at Sundance Cinemas for “Big Ideas for a Small Planet,” a new series on the Sundance Channel (and also available via iTunes). They treated us all to free popcorn and drinks, and they brought in some folks for a Q&A afterwards who were involved in sustainable interior […]

A Brave New World Full of Robots (and I Don’t Mean Spiders)

I’ve always been intrigued by robots. The concept of a robot vacuuming your living room seems so enticing. Indeed, I own a Roomba vac and I love it! But these robots designed for the battlefield are enough to put the fear of God into any robot-loving geek: Our tax dollars at work. Scary as hell!

Hacker wants to teach me a lesson??

I’ve been battling a hacker on this blog for the past two weeks. Perhaps you noticed the pharma spam redirects that just wouldn’t go away, despite reinstalling WordPress, moving servers, switching to a default theme, removing all plugins, locking down the admin with HTTP authentication, changing ownership and permissions on all files, etc. etc. Just […]

Apologies and Thanks

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone for staying tuned to my blog. Lately, I’ve been very focused on blogging and writing articles. I’d like to make up for lost time by writing a series of posts that will cover many of the topics I’ve been addressing on places like CNet: Searchlight, Business Blog […]

What are Your “Must Attend” Conferences?

Now that I’m back full-time in the US, it’s not such a chore to get to conferences. I can even attend conferences that I’m not speaking at, which is something I seldom (if ever) did in the 8 years I lived in New Zealand. Yet it can be an excellent opportunity to connect with really […]

Web 2.0 productivity

One of the most inspiring sessions at Web 2.0 Expo last week was “Mastering the Low-Information Diet” by entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. Tim is author of the book The 4-Hour Work Week. (Yes, it’s true, he spends only 4 hours per week running his 2 businesses.) The session was part of the “Ignite” evening of lightning-round […]

Now you can draw on the wall and not get in trouble

I am a sucker for cool gadgets like the multitouch display that I blogged about last month. The latest cool gadget that I just discovered is a laser light crayon from Philips. Mostly it’s a toy for kids. But I think it also has applications in the workplace, particularly for those executives who can’t express […]

Getting organized – a progress report

On January 1st on the MarketingProfs’ Daily Fix where I am a contributing blogger, I proclaimed my New Year’s Resolution to the world — which was to implement an amazing system for unprecedented gains in productivity and organization that I had discovered. That system — called GTD by its followers — is based on the […]

Spiders like Googlebot choke on Session IDs

Many ecommerce sites have session IDs or user IDs in the URL of their pages. This tends to cause either the pages to not get indexed by search engines like Google, or to cause the pages to get included many times over and over, clogging up the index with duplicates (this phenonemon is called a […]